Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Saturday Morning Sci-Fi

I do remember in the very early 50s, when we were still living in the "foundation" before our house was built on top of it (quite common as a "starter" home in our part of the outskirts of small town Western PA) on our first TV, seeing the movie serials of "Dick Tracy" and the Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon. These would play from time to time, usually in those very early Saturday morning hours before the network shows started, and we saw movie serials, old (and often faded and dark) westerns and western serials, and the first anthologies with hosts that showed everything from jungle adventures from India to Laurel & Hardy.

This is Jean Rogers as the blond Dale Arden in the more daring first round of Flash Gordon serials in 1936, which I guess makes it pre-code. (She played Dale again in the next series, but as a buttoned-up brunette.)
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