Monday, February 12, 2007

The Space Cadet Oath (TV version)

I solemnly swear to safeguard the freedom of space, protect the liberties of the planets and defend the cause of peace throughout the universe."

In Robert Heinlein's novel, the commanding officer talks to the cadets just before administering the oath. Here is part of what he says:

" I welcome you to our fellowship. You come from many lands, some from other planets. You are of various colors and creeds. Yet you must and you shall become a band of brothers.

Each living, thinking creature in this system is your neighbor--and your responsibility.

It is not enough that you be skillful, clever, brave--the trustees of this awful power must each possess a meticulous sense of honor, self-discipline beyond all ambition, conceit or avarice, respect for the liberties and dignity of all creatures, and an unyielding will to do justice and give mercy. He must be a true and gentle knight."

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