Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These are Captain Video toy robots that you either found
in boxes of Post Raisin Bran or sent for with boxtops and
cash. The most memorable figure in Captain Video history
was the robot named Tobor--robot spelled backward. His
reversed nameplate was a kind of symbol for a deranged and
dangerous machine. He was indestructible, and built for
good, but the beautiful but evil Atar stole him. I remember
that for the first several episodes he was entirely inert and
motionless--and huge, as Captain Video talked about his power.
I kept staring at him to see if I could see him "wake up."
His most conspicuous features were the lobster-like claws
he had for hands. He really was frightening. But also popular--
when he did wake up and became Captain Video's nemesis over
many episodes until a typical robot conflict of being unable to
serve two masters "destroyed"him, there was such a clamor
that the show brought him back, this time as Captain Video's ally
and a force for good. Posted by Picasa

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