Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Adventures of Superman, Baby Boomer Hero

For more than seventy years and counting, Superman has been a hero in comic books, on the radio, in animated, low-budget serial and big budget feature films, and in several incarnations on television, as reflected in this collage (click on it to enlarge.) Beginning with radio in 1946, Superman is specifically a Boomer superhero, as described in the posts below.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Superman is a Boomer hero but the underlying mythic material of his tale is relevant to people everywhere across time. He's like a Greek god in many ways. Consider the message of the myth that under the yearning for invulnerability is a childhood catastrophe--in this case symbolized by the desruction of Krypton. Consider, as well, that to retain his powers, he must forego true love. What a price! Contemporary would-be superheroes take heed. More on this in my book, The Superman Syndrome, by Robert Kamm. For the other side of life--true love, see my new book, Love Over 60 by Bob Kamm